Operation Homecoming


In May-June 2013, an original Willys MB jeep from Italy will retrace its steps to the factory which built it during World War II. After sailing from Naples to New York, it will drive through four states (NJ, NY, PA and OH) to arrive in Toledo, Ohio on the same day it left the factory 70 years ago.

The MB will be crewed by two Italian journalists, both history enthusiasts, and an aspiring writer/historian. Every day during the carefully-prepared 800-plus mile drive, this blog will chart the jeep’s adventures with posts, pictures and videos.

Stops will include historically significant locations such as West Point, Poughkeepsie (where Fiat, the present owner of the Jeep brand, opened its first US factory in 1908) and Hyde Park (the family residence of President Franklin D. Roosevelt). In Cleveland, the crew will return to the family of a US soldier his WW2 dogtags found near a lake in Italy.

Follow our progress – support Homecoming 2013.


16 thoughts on “Operation Homecoming

    • Hi Susan – too bad our day in New Haven was cut down to three hours … it would have been great to see you! We are now in Ohio, which seems a lot farther away when the top speed is 45 mph!

  1. My uncle helped convoy Jeeps like this to the port of New York in 1943 for shipment to the war zone. Have no way of knowing but maybe this could be one of those. Jeep & Toledo, Yeah!

    • It could very well be one of “his” jeeps, indeed. Do you have any pictures, by any chance? We’d love to see them.

      • Sorry, we don’t have any Picts. Wish we did. Would have been glad to share them.

  2. Too bad! But that is often the case with people who took part in historic events: too busy to take a picture. Thanks for your interest.

    • This is fantastic! My maternal grandfather worked in the Willy’s plant during the war, I still have his Willy’s Badge. He was of German descent; my paternal grandfather had emigrated from Naples, Italy many years before. Good Louck, great story!

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