Diary #3: the first 210 miles

On the roadAt last, the Jeep is on the road. Because the weather forecast predicts a huge storm, we went from New Jersey to Pennsylvania for 210 miles and arrived in Shamokin Dam in Susquehanna Valley. The distance would have been shorter if we had taken the highway, but to stay off it we took some mountain roads, which made our trip longer. The first part was full of rain and Vittorio used the manual wipers to see where he was going. Then this horrible weather became a sunny day. We have seen many beautiful landscapes. But the social aspects are also interesting, with traces of the former mining industry tied to the steel mills closer to the coast. This has been in crisis for years and we recognize situations from songs and films. The Willys behaved perfectly, protected when necessary by the Wrangler – for instance on long climbs with mandatory flashers. We are using walkie-talkies to communicate between vehicles and coordinate decisions. The Jeep spent the night outside the motel, with some apprehension but everything went alright. The forecasts are for thunderstorms, so we are scratching our heads searching for the best thing to do.


One thought on “Diary #3: the first 210 miles

  1. How’s the weather today (Thursday)? Hope PA is treating you well. Looking forward to seeing you in Toledo in a few days. Ciao a tutti!

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