Diary #4: Shamokin to Altoona

We made it to Altoona without difficulty: the great thunderstorms forecast by everyone lasted only 20 minutes in the afternoon. But let’s proceed in order. In the morning we found some hydraulics fluid spots on the rear bumperettes, so we decided to stop by Lewisburg to visit BZ Motors, whose name we had been given by Chrysler (Fiat). They were great: car raised up, transmission checked and fluids topped up in a few minutes. Thank you very much! After the mandatory souvenir photos, we rushed off for a sandwich and then drove straight to State College. Unfortunately the military museum had already closed, but we took pictures of the outdoor displays. Next, we headed off to Altoona, for the first time with Gregory driving the Willys and Vittorio taking the Wrangler. Within five minutes water was pouring down on us! So we parked in a commercial plaza and huddled in the Wrangler. After half hour it was over, so we were off again with Vittorio in the Willys due to his greater experience on wet roads. When the sun came out, Gregory was back at the helm headed for Altoona. GPS created some problems with road works, but we made it. Long day, but not much more than 100 miles covered.


2 thoughts on “Diary #4: Shamokin to Altoona

  1. Ma allora Gregory porta sfiga . . . meglio far guidare Vittorio, no? Grazie per i mini-video Livia. A quando una bella carrellata di foto “on the road”? Keep on truckin’ . . .

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