Diary #7: The Radigans and a Glitch

This morning we left leisurely, but with plenty of time, to meet with the Radigans in Elyria. About 40 miles from Medina. Everything went well, from the great weather to navigation. The meeting at the American Legion Post 12 was simple yet moving. The handing over of the two dogtags lost by Richard Radigan in 1944 entwined with family stories: how Richard met his brother in Italy, how he passed away in 1971 at age 48, how the dogtags brought his son Mike and daughter Dorothy closer after decades … The morning ended with some pictures and a short interview with a local reporter. The Radigans We found ourselves a hotel, dropped our bags and decided to get into Cleveland with the Willys leaving the Wrangler behind. Maybe we were a bit too proud. After a couple of miles on the I-90 the engine started misfiring and decided to quit. We eventually towed the Willys to the hotel with the Wrangler. It’s clearly an electrical issue, but so far we haven’t been able to solve it. But we dod meet many nice and helpful people: Pat who stopped on the highway and allowed us to get the Wrangler; Ray at the hotel, who first called his brother in law Bill (who came over with a battery charger and even gave us a spare 6 volt battery) and then treated us to dinner … Thanks to all! You have made it easier for us to face the problem. Let’s hope we can solve it tomorrow.


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