Diary #11: Detroit and Dayton

NMUSAF jeep DaytonBLs4shlCcAAC_sx.jpg-largeEverything is ready for the great Monday morning visit to the assembly line of the current Jeep Wrangler, the “granddaughter” that escorted us faithfully throughout our adventure. “Granny” Willys stayed in Toledo with our friends at Yark: although Vittorio and Dan replaced the coil that overheated, causing the engine to malfunction, we still opted to let her rest over the weekend. So Vittorio rejoined the Alegis in East Lansing and on Saturday drove Gregory and Livia to Detroit for their return flight. The team also stopped at an outlet for some shopping and souvenirs. Vittorio then drove south to Dayton, to visit the National Museum of the USAF. A full three-hour visit, tiring but very satisfying. The return to Toledo brought Vittorio along secondary routes through frightening post-industrial scenarios and desolate districts that brought to mind nuclear warfare.


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